ALPINA RLE nr.36/66
Based on BMW Z1

This special vehicle was manufactured by ALPINA in 1991 and was named ALPINA ROADSTER LIMITED EDITION not ALPINA Z1.
35 cars of 66 were imported to Japan by Nicole Automobiles Ltd. - a sole distributor for ALPINA automobiles. They put their 2651cc 210 ps/6000 rpm motor (200 ps/5800 rpm - EURO spec.), special stainless steel exhaust system, 17" Ronal wheels, shorter springs, ALPINA shift knob, MOMO steering wheel and famous ALPINA deco-set. No air conditioner equipped regrettably. (www.foefa.nl and Franz Shaffer are still providing it with BTO !!!)
Each car has production numbers at the centre console, steering wheel pad and the centre of the alloy wheels for owner's pride. S/N 01/66 Top-Rot came to Japan first.

Ordinary BMW Z1 has a slightly underpowered motor (M20 2.5 litre 170 ps) and mild suspension, but ALPINA tailored it more sporty and aggressive. AC Schnitzer also tried to develop their AC Z1 with 200 ps motor. In addition, Hartge developped 200 ps motor, too. It was very exciting if M3 3.2 motor was installed such as Kelleners did !! Wiesmann was providing 3.0L 200ps motor for normal Z1. Currently, KFZ-Schaffer is offering 2.7L, 2.9L and 3.0L engine.

(Downloading without permission allowed. Click small jpeg images for enlargement.)

Typical shot with door opened.

Front face looks like a Datsun Z car 2nd generation.
Red car behind him is an American muscle Corvette influenced by Ferrari 308/328GTB.

Nice steering wheel design. There's a serial number on its horn push, too.
Electrically operated doors
are retracted vertically! when opened.

Wide and flat rear deck. Has it influenced Audi ?

Most beautiful angle. (Car on the left is poweful Z3 M coupe as u noticed.)

Japanese cars were given small fender lips for the regulation in those days.

36/66 36/66 36/66

*ドイツ国内では 116,000 DMでした。(Z1は 83,000 DM)
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